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man and ebike in countryside

Ebike Freedom

Now you have your ebike, you have the freedom to explore and travel, probably farther than you ever did on...

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ebike speed limit

Ebike Speed Limits

Ebike speed limits seem to be a source of eternal debate. In some recent discussions I’ve had with ebike riders,...

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ebike shop

Ebike Tires

There are so many ebikes on the market now, and so many variations of configuration of every ebike on sale...

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Derailleur Gears on ebike

Gearing on Ebikes

Front Hub Motor Gears on an ebike can be confusing, and depending on where the actual motor is, can affect...

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Our Favorite featured ebike...

Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike

Cyrusher is a professional Mountain Bike, E-bike and Road bike manufacturer, committed to using technological innovations to produce superior products for our customers
Crusher ebike image


Double Suspension

Excellent Motor

750W 48V 13AH

High Performance

High Quality Cycling

Excellent Battery: The 1000W 48v 13ah battery can provide enough power for high-speed and super long endurance riding. And you can charge your cell phone if its out of power, when you are riding happily. To charge the battery, there are two ways, removing it to charge, or directly charging for it on this bike.

ebike tires
Cyrusher Brakes
Cyrusher Suspension