Stevie Mach

man and ebike in countryside

Ebike Freedom

Now you have your ebike, you have the freedom to explore and travel, probably farther than you ever did on a conventional bicycle. Longer, more rigorous routes are now accessible and will be far easier to navigate, taking less physical effort, leaving you more able to appreciate the scenery and enjoy the journey you are …

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ebike shop

Ebike Tires

There are so many ebikes on the market now, and so many variations of configuration of every ebike on sale that the average, amateur user, like myself, understands little about the kind of ebike that would best suit themselves. Ebike tires are one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing an ebike, and …

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Derailleur Gears on ebike

Gearing on Ebikes

Front Hub Motor Gears on an ebike can be confusing, and depending on where the actual motor is, can affect the way the ebike operates in conjunction with the rider. An example would be a front hub motor on an ebike with derailleur gearing on the back wheel. The motor is pulling the cycle forward, …

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ebike with panniers

Packing up an Ebike

One of the greatest aspects of having an ebike is the fact that carrying extra weight will not hinder you in the slightest, whether it is packing your camping gear into panniers and on the back rack, or just some essential, but weighty, shopping. The electric motor is there to assist and that assistance comes …

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