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Carrying Cargo on an Ebike

The Benefits of an Ebike Carrying Cargo

Since ebikes allow people to travel faster, further, and more comfortably than they would on a conventional bicycle, they are a great option for consumers who want to carry heavy goods or cargo with them.

Traditional bicycles have been around for centuries and have been used for everything from transport to leisure. But they do not have what it takes to carry heavy loads such as groceries or parcels. But electric bikes can make it less arduous, because they have a motor that delivers enough power to deliver a heavy load without physically exhausting the rider.

Types of Electric Bicycles to Carry Cargo

There are different types of electric bikes depending on the battery, the number of wheels and the weight capacity. The most common are two-wheeled ebikes, but three-wheel tricycles, and even four-wheel quadricycles are also available.

The electric pedal-assist bicycles can be used for commuting and errands with a weight limit of around 30kg. If you want to carry more than that, you can get an electric cargo bike. These bikes have a higher weight limit and they usually have an even bigger battery to give them a better range, for example, the Raleigh Stride 2 Cargo ebike specs suggest a range of 40 miles on a single charge, and the capacity to carry up to 80kg.

An electric cargo bike is a perfect solution for people who want to transport heavier loads in their everyday commute, without driving and burning fuel in their car or van, or the inconvenience of using public transportation.

blue cargo ebike
A stronger frame and bigger batteries allow cargo ebikes to carry heavier loads for a greater distance

Do I Need Carrier Racks or Can I Carry My Load on the Bike’s Frame?

You should know that the frame is not designed to carry your load. If you are loading the bike with weight, you need to load it in a carrier box or attach it to a rack. Racks are available for both the front and back wheels. The racks can hold large loads like full panniers and backpacks.

If you do not want to use a carrier box, then it is best to use a backpack or panniers because they take up less space on the frame. When carrying heavy loads on your back or shoulders, make sure that you are wearing the proper clothing for protection, and that you are not hindered in any way from operating the ebike.

Why You Should Consider an Ebike for Your Cargo Needs

Electric bikes are quickly becoming a popular way of getting around. They are also a great solution for people with a physical weakness, who perhaps cannot carry too much in weight.

If you need to carry something, an electric bike can be your best friend. You can buy cargo racks and carriers that will allow you to put anything from groceries, and bags of clothes, to small pieces of furniture and appliances, on the back of the bike.

If you’re new to riding bikes, it might take some time before you feel comfortable on one. For this reason, it is recommended that you buy an electric bike, rather than a pedal-powered one, if it is your first-time trying biking. Electric bikes make pedalling easier and eliminate the stress of riding through traffic, or terrain changes on your legs.

What Kind of Cargo Can You Carry on Your Ebike?

Depending on what type of ebike you have, can decide what type of cargo you can carry. On a normal ebike, fitted with racks, you can carry so much front and back. If you buy a dedicated cargo ebike though, you can carry much heavier and bulkier items. A tricycle or quadricycle ebike may enable you to carry even heavier items without straining the ebike motor and battery too much.

Where to Buy an Ebike Cargo Kit?

There are many places that you can buy ebike cargo kits from.

The first place that you can try is your local ebike dealer.

If they do not have the kit in stock, they will be able to order it for you.

You can also find these kits online on various retailers’ websites.

Some of them specialize in electric bikes and their accessories, while others may sell a variety of bicycle accessories in general.

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How to Fit Items into Your Bike Basket Safely

This section will provide you with a checklist on how to fit items into your bike basket safely so as not to put them at risk.

– Place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top.

– If you have a large item, fold it in half, if possible, and place it vertically in the basket.

– Avoid placing anything sharp enough to puncture the bag, or damage the carrier, near where it can contact your bicycle frame or any moving part of the bicycle.

ebike with panniers over rear wheel
With large panniers over a wheel rack you can carry a great deal

An Ebike Cargo Kit consists of Wheel Racks and Carriers

A cargo kit is an accessory for the ebikes that makes it more useful. It allows you to carry more weight on your bike and use it for different purposes.

A typical cargo kit consists of two parts. The first is a carrier which attaches to the bike frame and holds several kilograms, depending on the type of carrier. The second is a wheel rack which attaches to the front or back wheel, and which you strap your load securely so it can’t shift around as you ride.

The most common use cases are transport ebiking, ebike commuting, grocery shopping, camping, hunting or fishing trips, or any trip where you want to bring some equipment or supplies with you, but don’t want to be physically drained, or stressed out, on your way back home.

In Conclusion, Carrying Cargo on an Ebike is Easy

In the last decade or so, ebiking has been growing as a way to get around, and as a sport. In large towns and cities, it is now common to see bicycle lanes and bike sharing and rental programs. One of the great things about ebikes is that they provide a greener form of transportation with no fuel costs and reduced congestion. Cargo ebikes can carry everything from groceries to large items, making them a great option for people who need to transport a lot without driving a car. More and more local businesses are seeing cargo ebikes as a way to save money also; delivering packages by ebike rather than van saves on fuel and vehicle running costs.

04 Nov 2021

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