Exercising on an Ebike

Ebikes are Changing the Fitness Game for People Suffering Pain

Ask Your Doctor If An Ebike Will Be a Good Fit For You?

As more and more people are taking an interest in ebikes, some are wondering if an ebike would be a good fit for them. Ebikes use battery-powered electric motors to help people ride. There are many reasons that people may need the assistance of an ebike, so it all depends on what your needs are.

If you have any injuries or mobility issues, or are suffering from chronic pain or painful joints, then an ebike may be a good option for you to maintain exercise and keep active in the community. Ebikes can also be used to help people lose weight and continue with more physical activity.

It is important to think about how much time and effort you want to put into your fitness routine and what you want to get out of it, before committing to an ebike. It is also important to adhere to medical advice, so please consult your doctor and/or personal trainer, to ensure using an ebike will be beneficial for your medical condition, if you have one.

The Back Pain Epidemic & Why We Need to Start Treating It Differently

Back pain is a widespread issue that affects a significant number of people. It can be a debilitating condition that disrupts everyday living and makes it difficult to stay active. Constant pain makes sufferers miserable and can lead to depression. It is not something anyone should have to deal with, but many people do.

There are many different causes of back pain, and it is prevalent in a great number of people, and this is why doctors need to start treating it differently. If your doctor suggests exercise to ease your suffering, then ask them if an ebike would be advisable. Outdoor exercise on an ebike may also give your mental health, as well as your physical health a boost. It may be just what the doctor ordered!

Exercising with your ebike
An ebike can be part of your exercise regime

Research on Low-Impact Exercise and What it Means to Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

A review into specific modes of exercise training most effective for treating low back pain, by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, suggested that, “exercise training are the most effective treatments.” And “Exercise training may also be more effective than therapist hands-on treatment.” The article concluded with the comments that, “provided evidence that various exercise training approaches are effective and should be incorporated into usual care for adults with non-specific CLBP due to its potential for improving pain, physical function, muscle strength and mental health.” [source]. (CLBP = chronic low back pain).

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What Happens When You Combine Low-Impact Exercise with Ebikes?

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular. The benefits of this technology are not only that they are environmentally friendly, but also that they can have remarkable health benefits.

In one study, by the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, they suggested that, “There was moderate evidence that e-cycling provided physical activity of at least moderate intensity… There was also moderate evidence that e-cycling can improve cardiorespiratory fitness in physically inactive individuals.” [source]

Therefore, it seems that ebike exercise, may not only assist with issues of chronic back and joint pain, but also be good for your circulation and heart.

How To Choose an Ebike If You Have Chronic Back Pain

Ebikes offer a great alternative to cars for those who need back pain relief. The design of the electric bike is such that it places less stress on your back, which can make riding easier and more comfortable.

An electric bike with a low frame and a shorter wheelbase, means you’re in a more upright position. This helps to reduce the strain on your back and neck.

Back pain has become one of the most common sources of disability in industrialized countries, costing billions of dollars annually in lost wages and medical treatments. “In the United States, an estimated 149 million work days are lost every year because of low back pain, with total costs estimated to be US$ 100 to 200 billion a year.” [source]

exercising on an ebike
Regular exercise with an ebike will place less stress on sore or weak joints

Knee Pain Can Also Be Helped Using an Ebike

“The knee is the most common site of overuse injury in the cyclist, with an estimated 40% to 60% of riders experiencing knee pain. Like other cyclists, mountain bikers can suffer overuse injuries.” [source]. This is a major reason why e-bikes are an effective alternative to conventional cycling and other types of exercise in reducing pain, because they provide a more comfortable ride, reduce the impact on joints, and are less likely to cause injury.

Normal cycling on a traditional bicycle can cause pressure on knees, and other joints. This can lead to inflammation, and pain. An ebike can be a way to maintain regular exercise without over-stressing painful joints, and careful gentle exercise may assist the healing process.

If you find you are suffering regular knee pain, perhaps it is time to switch from a conventional bicycle to an ebike and see if you can maintain your exercise regime without aggravating knee or other joint injuries. Cycling for long periods will continue to challenge you physically and place additional stress on joints. On an ebike though, you can maintain your cycling times and distances, with the assistance of the electric motor, which will ease the pressure placed on your body as you exercise.

Conclusion: Ebikes Can Be Beneficial To Your Health and Lifestyle

Ebikes are gaining more popularity as the world is now more conscious about their health and lifestyle.

They can provide you with a regular workout, without physical stress, so you are less likely to experience injuries.

You will also be able to cope with hill climbs and headwinds, with a powered ebike, which will help you with your daily exercise or commute.

Ebikes are beneficial to your health and lifestyle in many ways.

Ebikes have been around for a while now, but have just recently started becoming popular with people who suffer pain, but want to improve their health and fitness levels, without placing too much strain on their body.

08 Nov 2021

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