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How Do You Keep Fit on an Ebike?

Some diehard cyclists’ frown on ebikes. The idea of cycling some say, is to exercise, keep fit, strain your body to build up muscle power. Keeping fit on an ebike is something they can’t quite get their heads around. Conversely, an ebike is a great way to keep fit, especially if you are unfit to start with. Whereas a punishing workout on a traditional bicycle may put you off going through the same arduous routine again. Gentle exercise, to start with, may turn out to be a highly enjoyable experience that will become a pleasurable habit.

Gentle Enjoyable Exercise

For whatever reason you have purchased an ebike, whether it is for commuting to work, jaunts in the park, or rigorous hill climbing on weekends, you will quickly find that exercise, however gentle it may be, is a part of the experience. Even in retirement, an ebike can be a great way to exercise. Just because you are not soaked in sweat, breathing hard, straining every sinew, does not mean you have not had a workout.

In a pedal assist ebike, you are constantly moving your legs, pedalling away, whether you are using the motor to assist you or not. The fact you are moving your legs means you are getting your heart pumping, circulating blood around your body; the physical movement and the circulation of blood is exercise, but it is enjoyable exercise because you are not punishing yourself.

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Fitness for the Truly Unfit

If you are at all truly unfit, and feel within yourself you have to do something about the shape you are in, and haven’t experienced an ebike ride, then why not arrange for a test drive at you local ebike dealer cycle shop. You may be pleasantly surprised about how using an ebike and exercise with someone sadly lacking in such, can go hand in hand to gradually improve your fitness without seriously straining you and therefore putting you off the whole idea. You may in fact buy one there and then!

Several positive aspects of ebike exercise:

A stronger heart – improved cardiovascular fitness

Increase muscle density – do more physically

No excessive strain – slow but sure calorie burn up

Lose weight – feel fitter overall

Improved mental health – enjoy the fresh air and feeling of freedom as you go

All of the above can be done easily over time without the stress and strain a traditional bicycle would have you endure. There is something reassuring in the knowledge that with the touch of a button the assistance you are using can be increased, or decreased, depending on how hard you want to go at a particular time or stage in the journey. Keeping fit has never been so easy.

No exercise is Bad

Whether you are a man or a woman, old or young. If we start from the point that no exercise is bad, then we can gather that some exercise is good. As the ‘some’ exercise becomes routine, then it will soon develop into ‘more’ exercise, and as you improve your general health and well-being, you may find that you are using assistance at a lower level for longer.

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Therefore the ‘some’ exercise has become a more regular routine and with less engagement of assistance, the exercise has become highly effective and transforming in your life. This is what I would call a positive life experience.

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Calorie Counts and Heartrate Measurements

Exercise is not all about calorie counts and heartrate measurements and demanding workouts within an allotted time. This is alright for some people, and I have nothing but respect for someone who puts themselves through, what I would consider, that type of hell, to keep fit. This is not for me though, and I dare say many people are the same. I know I have had a workout when I get home, even though I don’t reek of sweat and have every conceivable muscle aching and screaming for rest. I know I have had a workout even though I barely perspired on the journey home. I know because I feel fitter and in better shape than I was before I purchased an ebike. I know because any other exercise, non-cycle related, can be done more easily because my fitness has improved. I know because I feel both mentally and physically more positive about life and the way I am living.

When you don the proper cycling exercise clothing, you are mentally preparing yourself for an ebike workout, however easy or hard a workout you plan. So make sure to get into the right frame of mind and dress for the occasion.

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