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What Is An Ebike, Or An Electric Bicycle?

An Ebike Is Basically Still a Bicycle

An ebike is basically still a bicycle, though it is a bicycle that has a bit of assistance added by way of an electric motor and a battery to power it. When this motor is switched off, or inactive due to flat batteries, then the ebike is just a normal run of the mill bicycle powered along by the rider using the pedals alone. Almost every other component in the make-up of a bicycle is the same whether it has pedal assistance or not, so an ebike is a normal run of the mill bicycle with an added motor and a rechargeable battery. An ebike is an electrically assisted bicycle.

The battery then, powers the motor when assistance is required, for example, when the rider comes to an incline, or is cycling into a strong headwind. If the rider is elderly, or in some way physically weak, the assistance of a powered ebike can ensure they still have an active and healthy lifestyle and are able to get out and about for fresh air and exercise whenever they desire.

Why Have an Electric Bicycle?

Cruising along on an ebike, using little or no pedal power to speed along the highway, can be an exhilarating and satisfying experience. Using the assistance of a motor to cruise along means the exhilaration and satisfaction can be enjoyed by the elderly and the physically weak as well as anyone else in the population. In this regard, an ebike, or an electric bicycle, is an equalizer – it opens the joy of wheeling along, through the city, or park, or the countryside to everyone. Electric bikes give everyone the potential of the fittest of cyclists.

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Ebikes, today, provide the means for cyclists of all ages, all fitness levels, and those with a particular physical weakness, to reap the benefits of easy exercise outdoors, as a gentle workout, or for a leisurely trip to the park or countryside, or perhaps a more meaningful, environmentally friendly, and sweat free commute to their place of work.

Who Are Ebikes For?

Without the sweat and exertion of a normal bike ride, that puts off a wide range of the population regarding cycling, then cycling is opening up to a whole new demographic, and many more are investigating the possibilities of an ebike, whether for leisure, fitness, or travel to work and home. Increasingly, electric bikes are becoming an attractive alternative to not only conventional bikes, but with increasing advances in powertrains, and battery technology, offering more power, longer range, and quicker charging, the automobile is being left more and more in the drive as drivers opt for the cleaner, environmentally friendly, trip to the local store or to visit a friend.

Why Are Ebike Sales Soaring?

In the USA, Europe, the UK, and India and China, sales of ebikes are soaring. With the growing concerns of populations regarding the climate and investigating greener means of mobility, it is no wonder that ebikes are on the rise. The chart below shows the increasing number of ebikes sold in Europe since 2009. This upward trend is only going to continue.

Chart of ebike sales

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As well as the environmental aspect of owning an ebike, another driver in regard to their increasing appeal are the new innovations to the established ebikes; integrated batteries and drives, appealing designs, new quality constructed, lighter and stronger materials, advances in motor and battery technology, onboard computer technology to assist in exerting the most power for the least energy use.

ebike market world map

The range of ebikes available means that there is a model to suit everyone, of any age or gender. There are road ebikes, mountain ebikes, beach and snow ebikes, cross-country ebikes, delivery ebikes, and ebikes that can haul trailers, and there are many more types to suit every individual. Everyone can have there own personal electrically assisted transportation. Everyone can enjoy the freedom and the joy of an ebike ride whether they live in the city, or the countryside, on a flat land or in amongst hills and mountains.

The innovation and advancement of technology utilised in the manufacture of ebikes means that as time goes on, the appeal of ebike ownership is increasing – motors can be in a wheel hub, front or rear, or mounted next to the pedal cranks, there are even two-wheel drive ebikes available in the market today. Range is increasing, batteries are becoming lighter and faster charging, and onboard computer systems, and GPS computers, are now available that greatly increase the efficiency of the way drive motors and batteries are utilised to the best effect.

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