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Guide to Ebikes, Benefits, and Buying One for a City Commute

Introduction: Riding an Ebike is a Perfect Way to Save Money on Gas and Make a Difference for the Environment

We all want to do our part in helping the environment and we’re all trying to find ways to do it. One way is by doing something as simple as riding an ebike to work and back, and reducing your carbon footprint. This is a great way to combat climate change while also benefitting yourself by saving money and exercising.

An ebike is a motorized bicycle that’s powered by electricity and it’s an attractive option for those who want to commute, but can’t because of distance, hills, or because they may not be physically able. With an ebike you can go farther for less effort. An ebike will take the physical strain out of cycling. You have all the benefits of fresh air, light exercise, and zipping through city traffic jams, and arriving at work as fresh as you left the house.

How Does an Ebike Work?

An electric bike, also called an ebike, is a bicycle that is powered by electricity. Traditional bicycles use the energy generated by pedalling, while ebikes are powered by an electric motor.

The first question you may have is how does an ebike motor work? It converts electricity from the battery pack to power the ebike motor. There are different types of ebike: throttle-controlled ebikes, pedal-assist ebikes, and throttle and pedal-assist ebikes. Throttle-controlled ebikes use a twist grip on the handlebars to tell the system how much power to give and what level of assistance is required to maintain your speed. Pedal-assist ebikes use a sensor in the crank shaft or pedal spindle, which signals a controller. The controller determines how much power from the battery will flow to the motor to power assist you forward. The more physical effort the controller senses you are using, the more assistance it will allow the motor to give. Each type of ebike will allow the motor to assist you along, so very little is required in physical effort.

Girl commuting on ebike
Commuting by ebike has many benefits, for the environment, and for your finances

Why Choose a City Commuter eBike?

A commuter ebike is a city-friendly bicycle that can be used for getting to work, grocery shopping, or any other errands. City ebikes are ideal for people who live in the city and would like to travel by bike.

Commuter ebikes are designed to make it easier for you ride on the streets of the city alongside traffic. They are specifically made with an eye towards ease of use, comfort, safety, and speed. City commuters are ebicycles that are designed to tackle the most congested roads in town with relative ease. Most city ebikes are small wheeled, and foldable. They are easy to use from home to rail or bus station, can be folded down and carried on a train or bus, then easily unfolded in seconds to enable a quick run from the station to the office. Folded down once more, they can be left in a corner, or under a desk, and even plugged in, to charge the battery fully, for the return home at the end of the working day.

Why You Need an Ebike for Your City Commute

At first, ebikes were considered cheating by cyclists on traditional bicycles. But now, more and more people find them useful for their daily commutes. If you want to save money on fuel and parking fees, an ebike is the way to go.

If you are a city cyclist, then you need an ebike. They are the best way to get around the city without breaking a sweat or getting annoyed with traffic jams. They can be used easily on roads with traffic, but also use city cycle paths if available, which are safer to use as you are not directly interacting with other vehicles on the road.

Commuter with a small wheeled ebike
A small wheeled folding ebike is ideal for a city commute

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What is the Best Commuter Bike for You?

An ebike can be a great way to get to work, but if you need to use it in the city, there are some things you should know.

If you commute by bike, you will save money on gas and parking while getting an exercise boost every day. But before buying an ebike for commuting, you should know what kind of ebikes are out there and what kind of features they have.

A small wheeled folding ebike tends to be the best option if you live a distance outside the city, and need to also use a bus or train to get to the city centre. A folding ebike is light enough to carry on or off a bus or train, and great for that final leg of your journey from the station to the office. In a matter of seconds, they can be folded and unfolded, and light enough that they can be carried easily when necessary. The small footprint they have when folded down means they are also easy to store, either at home, or at your place of work.

Larger commuter ebikes are available. They are heavier and may not fold, but tend to have a greater range, and are more suited for someone who has a single leg commute, i.e., direct from home to office, or place of work, rather than having to change to a bus or train for part of the journey. As they may not be foldable, a secure cycle bay or shed may be necessary at your place of employment to secure it safely till the end of your working day.

Conclusion – Choosing the right ebike can make your life easier and more efficient.

As electric bicycles get more popular, the market is saturated with many different options. It can be hard to find one that will be perfect for you. However, we hope we gave you a bit of insight, by highlighting a few factors that should be taken into consideration in order to find a good electric bike for a city commute.

In this day and age, where everyday the headlines seem more and more pessimistic about the state of the climate and the environment, it can be hard to imagine what a single person can do to help. The one way you can help though, which is not only of benefit to the planet, but will save you money as well, is to commute to work by ebike.

13 Nov 2021

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