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Ebike Freedom

What Is Ebike Freedom?

Now you have your ebike, you have the freedom to explore and travel, probably farther than you ever did on a conventional bicycle. Longer, more rigorous routes are now accessible and will be far easier to navigate, taking less physical effort, leaving you more able to appreciate the scenery and enjoy the journey you are undertaking.

Being Adventurous and Carefree on Your Ebike

The desire to get your heart pumping, not with physical effort, but with the wonder of the beauty of your surroundings, is something most cyclists would subscribe to, and knowing you have a day or two of freedom from work or responsibility coming up, planning your next ebike escapade can increase the joy of anticipation of the day your adventure begins.

Preparation is Key to an Enjoyable Ebike Trip

As anyone knows, sometimes a cycle ride is a straightforward affair, but other times, disaster can strike. Most disasters can be avoided though, or mitigated, with a bit of preparation before commencement. When things don’t go to plan, it is good to have planned for the unexpected.

Routine Tips for Ebike Trips

Ensure your battery is charged. There should be enough charge in it to get you to your destination, or the next leg in your journey where you can recharge.

Check your tires. Inspect the tread and the sidewalls, as well as the tire pressures. Ensure you carry a pump and patches in case of deflation due to punctures.

Inspect your brakes. Ensure both brakes are working efficiently, and that brake pads and cables are good. Don’t wait till you are careering down a hill before you note that the brake pads are worn down.

Ensure wheels are secure and check the wheel nuts, or quick release levers.

Check both front and back lights are charged and working, or if required, fresh batteries are inserted to ensure you can be seen in poor light.

A fully charged mobile phone with a navigation app. If disaster does strike, you want to be able to contact the emergency services at all times, and inform them exactly where you are.

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What Should You Carry on an Ebike Trip?

As mentioned above, a small bicycle pump.

A tire patch kit and tire levers, and perhaps a spare inner tube.

A decent tool-kit, or at least a multi-tool with all the essential sized hex keys and screwdrivers.

Disposable gloves; keep your hands clean when working on oily parts.

A charger, if you need to recharge your ebike after each leg of your journey.

Some energy bars and a good supply of water, in case you find yourself stranded somewhere for much longer than you would have imagined.

Essential Kit to Have at Hand

Above is probably the most essential kit to carry. Depending on your adventure you may want to pack a great deal more. Weight is not so much of an issue on an ebike, but you still don’t want to overload yourself with equipment you will likely never need. Knowing you have the essentials at hand to complete your journey in most scenarios should be enough to give you peace of mind, and hopefully you will never need to use any of the essential kit you have packed.

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