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Commuting on an Ebike

Is It Hard to Commute on an Ebike?

If you already commute to your place of employment on a traditional bicycle, then moving up to using an ebike will not make so much of a difference. At least not in your choice of route and your knowledge of the terrain and such; where the potholes are, where the cycle paths are, where are the places on route that you have to be extra careful about negotiating on your way ahead. It will make a big difference in your ease of getting to your destination and back, and may shorten your commute, especially if that commute involves a deal of manoeuvring up and down hills.

Some Areas Cater for Bicycles and Ebikes

Different countries, and different regions within countries, and even different cities and towns in the same area have diverse ways of catering for bicycles and ebikes. Some locations are excellent in the way that cycle lanes are created all along every major highway, and cycle lanes are planned into every new road. While other areas may have a half-hearted attempt at catering to the cycling fraternity. If you can commute to work and back solely using safe cycle lanes then you are in a minority, but you are in a location where elected officials care about the community and the environment. Unfortunately, this is not the norm. Some city and town planners seem to see cyclists as a nuisance and a minority that can be ignored or catered for in the most rudimentary and insignificant way possible.

How Can I Commute Safely?

If your ebike is a new purchase and you plan on using it for commuting, then ensure you choose the safest route possible. This may not be the most direct, but a few minutes more journey time on an ebike won’t be too much of an inconvenience. The journey to your place of employment and the return may be all the more enjoyable for choosing a less congested way. Take the route with the best cycle lanes if cycle lanes are at all available. Keeping away from traffic as much as possible along the way tends to make a commute more amenable and, of course, safer. Try alternate routes over several days to decide the best route for you. You will find a way that is convenient and safe even if it is not the most direct. On an ebike that won’t matter too much. Safety matters, so always choose a route where you feel safest.

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Why Green Transport is Becoming Crucial?

More and more town and city planners are adapting plans and evolving strategy for green transport. The Climate Crisis is driving this. This includes electric cars (EVs), electric buses and trains, and of course, electric bicycles are in the mix as well. In a generation, internal combustion engines in vehicles will be rare if at all permitted to be purchased new, and highways should be quieter and less polluted to travel. Technology will accelerate this change as batteries evolve that will take you further and charge quicker, and charging points become available anywhere that a need arises for their use. When most of the vehicles using those highways are electric, then the companies that supply the necessary electricity will ensure the infrastructure is in place to attract the consumer. The more innovative and forward planning companies will be the ones who see this big emerging new market and plan to take advantage, it is only business sense. Even the more Luddite county officials will eventually see this is the way forward and will have to adapt or be pushed aside at the next elections for candidates with a more forward looking and modern portfolio.

Why Ebike Commuting Matters?

Of course, these ideas and developments will happen over time, and especially if you live in a particularly backward gazing authority area, they may seem a life-time away. Please though, don’t let that be a damper on your plans for ebike commuting. Every ebike commuter helps every other ebike commuter, by being seen. The more ebike commuters on the road, the more attractive the prospect looks for others contemplating the same method of transport. By switching from the car to an ebike commute you are also doing your bit for the planet. It may seem a small and insignificant step to take as far as the impending climate disaster forebodes, but it matters in the long run. You should be proud of yourself that you are helping the planet, in your own small way, as well as helping yourself, by exercise, and financially, by switching to a cheaper green method of transport instead of an expensive fossil-fuel burning vehicle.

How to Commute Safely on an Ebike?

So, you have measured up the pros and cons, purchased your ebike, and decided on the safest route to and from your place of employment. What more to do? With safety being the biggest factor on ensuring your commute is as safe as possible, ensure that your ebike itself is up to the job by regular care and maintenance. Servicing an ebike is not a difficult task and there are many tutorial videos on Youtube that will assist you in easy steps if you are unlearned in the ways of bicycles and ebikes. Ensure you ebike has adequate lights front and back, a bell, and above all, wear a properly certified cycling helmet. Also, wearing a highly reflective vest, or reflective bands, will ensure you are seen by other road users. The safer you are on your daily commute, the more relaxed you will feel and the more enjoyable the journey will be.

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