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Storing Your Ebike and Battery in Winter

When winter is upon us, if you’re like me, then you will tend to wheel out the ebike less, or perhaps you will want to store it away till spring time. If so, here are some tips and advice on storing your ebike, especially to do with battery storage.

You can store your ebike in a garage, basement, or garden shed, as long as it is well protected from rain and snow. Batteries though should be better protected, so detach your battery from you ebike and store in a mild dry area, preferably insulated against extremes.

Don’t Let Your Battery Die

How to Store and Maintain Your Ebike Battery

Do not leave your battery connected to your charger all winter long, even if it automatically cuts out when charging is complete. Disconnect when around 80% charged if the battery is to be stored away for any length of time.

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Do not leave your battery to drain to zero and die. Batteries are expensive, you do not want to have to replace a battery due to laziness or negligence, it only takes a minute to check.

Once a month, check the battery charge level. If it has dropped by much, top up to around 80% once more.

Keeping your battery indoors at normal room temperature is the best policy to lengthen the life of your battery and have it performing optimally. Plugging a freshly charged warm battery into your ebike will have it raring to go far more efficiently than a cold battery in a cold ebike on a freezing cold day.

More information about batteries here

How to Keep Your Ebike Safe to Use

Give Your Ebike a Winter Check Over

If you plan on using your ebike throughout the winter months, it is advisable to give your ebike a winter check over. When the days begin to darken and night comes earlier and darker, it is essential to ensure that your lights are properly working, for your own safety as well as others. See and be seen!

Keep your ebike clean, do not let dirt accumulate and dry in areas that should allow free movement.

Use oil to keep the chain in tip-top condition after cleaning.

Pay attention to brakes and ensure they are working efficiently and pads are not worn down or damaged.

Ensure your tires are in good condition, have a decent tread, and are properly inflated.

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Pay attention to brakes and ensure they are working efficiently and pads are not worn down or damaged.

Use Your Local Ebike Shop – Book Your Ebike in for a Service

Motors tend to need little or no maintenance, consult your dealer documentation relating to your particular circumstances to learn the best way to maintain and store your ebike regarding the motor. If you are in any doubt and want to be sure everything is well and good, phone your local ebike shop and book it in for a service. They will check the whole ebike and ensure everything is working as it should. Most local shops are quick, obliging, and can be a font of knowledge regarding advice for owners of all ebikes.

Cold Can Affect Batteries and Range

Remember, in very low temperatures, batteries can be affected and lose capacity. Plan your routes and ensure you will still have enough battery capacity to get you to your destination with charge to spare.

Keep Warm and Safe

Ensure, when riding in the winter, that you also protect yourself against the elements. Comfortable breathable and insulated clothing is a must to keep yourself warm, as are a decent pair of gloves that keep your hands warm but allow you to easily use the controls. Clothing should preferably be bright and reflective to enhance your visibility to other road users. Always wear a helmet, there are also thin insulated hats that can be worn under a helmet to help in keeping your head warm.

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