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Ebikes Are Fun

People of every age, gender, and size, are now using ebikes every day, and more so, as time goes on, and news about how much fun ebikes are, is passed from word of mouth.

There seems to be a great deal of misinformation around ebikes though, and some people, due to a lack of knowledge, tend to listen to rumor instead of looking at the facts.

The biggest fact about the increase of ebike use, are the statistics that the rise of ebike use is continuing, and gaining momentum all the time. For some figures, look at this article, and you will see that ebike use is set to spread across the world, enabling so many more people to enjoy the fun of ebikes.

Why You Should Test Drive an Ebike?

Some False Rumors Persist

For whatever reasons, there are a few aspects of owning an ebike that seem to draw frowns and negativity from some sections of society. These are all false, and can be easily proved so. Therefore, if you have an interest in buying an ebike, please disregard these rumors and try one out for yourself. ‘The proof is in the pudding,’ so to speak, so why not arrange to test drive an ebike at your local ebike shop, and discover for yourself how much enjoyment an ebike could add to your life?

Are Ebikes Are Easy to Use?

If You Can Ride a Bike, You Can Ride an Ebike

‘Ebikes are difficult to use.’ I actually heard this from a friend, who said he heard it from another, so it must be true. The friend had never actually ridden an ebike though, till I gave him a try of mine. He was actually amazed at how easy it was to operate, and he was instantly converted to the positive side of the table regarding ebikes.

To me, operating a bicycle with 18+ gears is complicated. Far more complicated than setting an assist level and instantly pedalling along with ease. An ebike is a bike with a few extra parts. The main parts you have to deal with, that you don’t have on a traditional bicycle, is a control to set the assist level, and a throttle (if you have an ebike that has such fitted, not all do). Apart from that, and charging the battery, the differences end, so it is easy to see in reality that there is no difficulty in operating an ebike. If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride an electric bicycle.

You can have great fun with an ebike in the park.
You can have great fun ebiking in the park

Are You Stranded if Your Ebike Battery Goes Flat?

If Your Battery Goes Flat, you are Trapped. This is another fallacy I’ve heard on a few occasions. The fact is, if your ebike battery runs out of power, you can still pedal your ebike home, or to a convenient charging point. The ebike may be harder to pedal due to the extra weight of the battery and motor, but it is certainly manageable.

It is also something that should never happen if you take measures to ensure your battery is fully charged before you start on a journey, and ensure the journey is within the realistic range of the ebike, with a fully charged battery.

On any rare occasion where you are in danger of running out of power, then decrease the amount of assist you are getting from the motor, or turn off the assist except when you have a hill to climb. This way the existing charge in the battery will last longer, and get you farther, perhaps all the way home, or to your next charging point.

An Ebike Won’t Get You Fit

Again, another falsehood. The fact is on a pedal assist ebike, you are exercising the same muscles as you do on a traditional bicycle. The main difference is you are not exerting yourself to the same extreme. If you want to do so, then you can just turn off the assist.

To me, though, the purpose of the ebike is for easy exercise, and doing easier exercise is still exercise. I would rather do easier exercise for longer, rather than strenuous exercise in shorter bouts, if the end result is the same. When you’re not stressing your body to the limit, exercise can be so much more fun on an ebike. For more information check out, Keeping fit on an Ebike, here.

The fact that riding an ebike is exercise, leads us into the next point I often hear.

Is It Just Old People Who Buy Ebikes?

Ebikes are for Oldies

This fallacy seems to be promoted by young cyclists, fit and full of vitality, who themselves feel no inclination to purchase an ebike, so believe that anyone who does want an ebike, should be old.

It is true that older people may have more difficulty exercising than younger persons, therefore, ebike appeal to the older generation may be greater if they see an opportunity to keep fit, that due to age or infirmity, they could not participate in before.

‘If you are young and desire an ebike, then you are somehow cheating?’ I don’t know exactly what you are cheating if you are young and want an ebike. If it is exercise, then we have already dealt with that fallacy. If it is something else, then please let me know?

Ebikes are for people of any age who want to enjoy some assistance in their cycling. There is no age barrier with ebikes, just as there is no age barrier to having fun. Anyone, any age, is entitled to buy and enjoy using one.

Ebiking with friends can be great fun.
Ebiking with friends can be great fun

Anyone Can Have Fun on an Ebike

We hope we have dispelled a few rumors about ebikes. Ebikes are cool, and crazy fun, no matter your age or gender, or fitness status. You can have fun and exercise, you can have fun on your way to work, or the store, or just to the local park for a jaunt.

The one fact is, you will never truly dispel the rumors you hear if you don’t go out and try an ebike for yourself. If this article has stimulated your interest, then why not visit your local ebike store and arrange to test drive one for yourself. You may even buy one on the spot, and increase the fun in your life.

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