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Should I Buy a Tandem Electric Bike?

A tandem electric bike is a bike that is built for two people. The electric component gives it power so less effort is needed on the rider’s part to move the bike. These ebikes are often used for commuting or just going on an adventure. Many people opt to use these types of ebike as well, especially since ebikes (electric bikes) have been gaining popularity in recent years. We will cover some of the benefits of a tandem electric bike, show different types of electric tandem bikes and also answer other questions regarding ebikes.

Can You Get an Electric Tandem Bike?

Of course, you can get an electric tandem bike. Because of the dearth of knowledge on how to get a tandem ebike, though, newer potential buyers may be unsure how to source one, and may just give up on getting one. Obviously, if you want to get an electric tandem bike, you want to make sure you have another person that can ride with you as well. You may also want to check out local laws with bicycling as well, to ensure where you can ride the ebike also.

Most of these ebikes are sold online, you can do a quick search to see which one would best fit your scenario and what you want out of it. Some models can also be expensive, but if you’re riding with another person, then perhaps they can also put in some money to help buy it. Many other retailers could sell them as well. Most cycling shops also have them, or can order one for you. You can also look online on Craigslist, eBay, or other places that may be selling used bikes as well, but be warned, you could get ripped off, so make sure it is legit, and not a scam.

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Benefits of a Tandem Electric Bike

There are actually many added benefits to using a tandem ebike. Here are some.

1. Health benefits

This one may be fairly obvious, but using any type of bike adds on many health benefits because you are working out your muscles. This means that you can lose weight, get fitter, and may also avoid some diseases as well.

2. Bonding

Since the bikes are two-person bikes, this allows for bonding time between anyone you are close with. This could be anyone from a partner, friend, cousin, sister, or even your child. This definitely would be an easy way to spend time with a loved one, especially if you are busy.

3. Commuting

Many people use bikes for commuting nowadays, especially people that live in bigger cities across the world. By using a tandem ebike, you can commute with a work colleague as well. This will save you both on money in the long run, while also helping those who are environmentally conscious to have greener choices and impact.

4. Less effort

Because the tandem bike is electric, it will require much less effort on you and your partner to move the bike. Hilly regions are far easier to negotiate, but you’ll still get a bit of a workout, though it will be gentle exercise rather than strenuous sweaty physical exertion.

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Different Types of Tandem Electric Bikes

There are many types of tandem electric bikes, and the choice means many people aren’t sure which one to get. Here are a few options.

1. Pedego Electric Tandem Bike

This one is made by Pedego, and they are in the electric bike business. Their tandem e-bikes offer comfort first, while also allowing people of different sizes to ride the bike as well.

2. Van Raam Special Needs Tandem Bike

This bike is built for those with special needs. It offers pedal support for those that have issues with their legs and feet. The pedal support helps you pedal the bike, without the motor completely taking over to ensure you are the one doing the pedaling.

Van Raam Kivo Plus electric tandem
Van Raam Kivo Plus. Image curtesy

3. Three Wheel Tandem Kivo Plus

Kivo is another ebike brand like the other two mentioned. This one offers three wheels, one in the front and two on the back. The front seat is actually fitted for a child to push the front wheel, while the back two wheels are pushed by an adult. This can help with bonding time with your child, while also helping them think they are doing a lot of the work by being in front!

Are Tandem Electric Bikes Only for Older People?

Many people may think these types of ebikes are an activity older people do, especially regarding ebikes and electric tandem bikes. This may be the case for many older people, especially as it is a way for older couples to bond together while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some may do it because it saves money, or for exercise, though anyone can use an electric tandem bike. They also make ebikes that are small enough for a child to fit, but have an adult with them on another seat.

You can basically use the tandem ebike at any age and with anyone, depending on the type of bike you get, of course. So, the answer is yes and no, it is for older people, but it isn’t restricted. Older people seem to use them often because of what we mentioned before, health benefits, and bonding time between two older couples. But of course, if you are in your twenties, you can still use these ebikes. No one is stopping you from doing so, and there definitely isn’t any law or sacred rule against it. So go ahead and use one if you want to.


I hope we answered many different topics and questions people may have when it comes to buying and owning an electric tandem bike. We talked about where you can buy one of these ebikes, while also talking about some of the different types. We also covered some of the benefits that are added on when you do buy one of these ebikes, and whether, or not, the ebikes are only for older people. So, is a tandem electric bike something you want, or aspire to own? If you opt to purchase one, then I hope you have a great deal of fun and pleasure using it.

13 Jan 2022

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