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Traditional Bike or Electric Bike: What to Choose?

Let’s face it, twenty years or so ago, there was no choice. If you wanted to cycle, you went out and purchased a traditional pedal powered bicycle. But the world has moved on, technology has improved, and as technology has improved, so has consumer choice. You can now opt to buy an electric bike rather than a traditional bike.

Choice is something we have gotten used to over the last couple of decades. New innovations and advances in manufacturing and better materials means that nothing stays the same and the buying choice of the consumer is ever greater.

Just as there is a flourishing market for cell phones today, a market that didn’t even exist in the recent past (when was the last time you used a payphone?), there is also an ever-increasing market for electric bicycles. There are a few good reasons why electric bicycles, or ebikes, are so popular today, and the sales figures tend to agree with their popularity (In 2022, the global e-bikes market is expected to reach around 36.5 million units). The consumer has the choice though, so what would be the best advice to offer the consumer: Traditional Bike or Ebike?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Ebikes?

Most everyone, from early childhood, knows about traditional bicycles; how to ride them, the different types available, the physical energy you use powering them along, and just how difficult and physically draining and muscle straining they are to push up a steep hill.

I’m sure, pretty much most of us, has gotten off the bike and pushed it up the hill because the effort to pedal it was just too much for our weary bones. Therefore, let us say, virtually effortless hill climbing is one of the major pros of owning and ebike.

There are many more, some of which are listed below, but to me, especially, easy hill climbing is the number one.

Ebike Pros:

  1. Easy Hill Climbing with the electric motor.
  2. Near Effortless Cycling with powered assistance.
  3. Make longer trips using less physical power.
  4. Powered assistance up to 25kph.
  5. Keeps You fit and healthy.
  6. Easier to use for the older or injured cyclist.
  7. If the battery runs out, you can still cycle home.

These are just some of the pros I can think of, off-hand. There are probably many more I’ve omitted, but I would suggest the above are some of the main pros of an electric bike.

Ebike Cons:

  1. More expensive to buy.
  2. Tend to be heavier.
  3. Harder to pedal without motor assistance
  4. A traditional bike will get you fitter quicker, due to the more physical effort you use.

Again, there are probably more cons than listed above, these are just the most obvious. The main point of the pros and cons exercise though is to decide for yourself what is the best choice for you. If you can think of more pros or cons, then add them into your decision-making process.

Some extra components make a bike an ebike
Some extra components make a bike an ebike

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Traditional Bike or Ebike: What is the Best Choice for You?

Everyone is unique, and everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a reason for every choice they make. Only you, as an individual, can decide what choices you make in everyday life about all sorts of available options. Perhaps you prefer Android, rather than Apple, phones. Perhaps you are a vegan and won’t eat meat. These are all personal choices that people make each day, neither good or bad, better or worse. It is merely down to personal choice.

Therefore, you have to decide the reason why you should or should not purchase an ebike rather than a traditional bicycle. Looking at some pros and cons may help you decide, but the main reason you will choose one over the other will be down to your personal choice and circumstances.

It may be helpful, if you are still undecided, to look at what exactly you want a bicycle for? For example:

  1. An easy commute without getting all sweaty.
  2. A powered ride along that takes little effort and gets me out and about.
  3. A simple fitness regime that keeps me fit without wearing me out.

If the above is what you want, then your choice is easy.

  1. If you want to quickly build up muscle and strength.
  2. Not worry about battery power and the cost of charging.
  3. Want something lighter you can easily carry up and down stairs.

Then the above may be a deciding factor on buying a traditional bike.

A traditional bike may be lighter, but won't power you along!
A traditional bike may be lighter, but won’t power you along!

Whatever You Choose, Pick Right for You

Personally, I would choose the ebike, that is what is right for me and my circumstances. Though, as stated before, we are all unique and our circumstances and personal lives are different. I would hope you would choose an electric bike, for there are far more positives opting for that rather than the traditional, in my mind. We haven’t even touched the subject of green energy and transport. Both cycles are green though, and replacing trips by car with bicycle instead, is always going to help the planet, even if in ever-so-small a way. Whatever your choice, I wish you well.

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