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A Normal Bike or an Ebike?

Should I Buy a Normal Bike or an Ebike?

One of the questions I get asked regularly is, ‘what type of bicycle should I buy, should I get a normal bike, or an ebike?’ A normal bike in this instance means a conventional, or traditional, unpowered bicycle.

You Need an Ebike Because…

Conventional bicycles just don’t cut it anymore. Yes, you may be a traditionalist who sees the march of technology encroaching on your passion of taking your ‘normal’ cycle out for a gruelling and punishing workout, and that is fine. Please though, don’t cast scorn on those of us who want the best of both worlds. After all, if I require a gruelling and punishing workout on my ebike, all I have to do is turn the assistance off.

Is It All About Keeping Fit?

I suspect keeping fit is one of the top reasons for purchasing an ebike, and more so probably for those who purchase a traditional bicycle. Keeping fit is a good thing to do. Exercise and good health go hand in hand. A good workout can really get your adrenaline going, give your body a good shake up and incinerate all those nasty extra calories you’ve consumed in ice-cream and biscuits over the past week.

It’s Not All About Keeping Fit.

Sometimes though, or most times, for some, keeping fit is an optional extra. Taking the ebike out on a jaunt is mainly for the pleasure of traversing across a beautiful piece of the countryside, enjoying the view rather than dripping perspiration. An added bonus is the soft gentle exercise that is still involved in the pedalling of an ebike.

It’s a Matter of Choice

Buying a conventional unpowered bicycle is something thousands of people do every day. No power assistance is wanted or required for these buyers. There is also no doubt they will be happy and delightfully chuffed at their purchase, and that is fine. Until you want a lazy day or two, or have an injury, that means your bicycle is left in the garage for a week or more.

Choosing a conventional bicycle, rather than an ebike, may become a regret in such circumstances. You can have your lazy day on an ebike, and a niggling injury may not be strained to extreme with an ebike. But you have already made your choice.

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Money Matters

I know several people that have both a traditional bicycle and an ebike. They are though in a fortunate position that financially that is possible. I know one guy who has half a dozen cycles in his garage and spends virtually every penny, a substantial sum, he makes on their upkeep and improvement. He is not an average guy though, and doesn’t have the financial constraints of most of us. So, money matters.

Advice Matters

What is true for one person is not a condition that is true for everyone else. We all have opinions, and we all favor the opinions that we hold dear. Advice is something that can be offered yet holds no commitment on the receiver of such advice to take it. Advising someone not to put their hand in the flames as they may get burned, does not mean they are not free to do so to test the theory, or the temperature of the flames. So, advice is offered on the condition that it may be disregarded, or even downright ignored.

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You Do Need an Ebike Because…

You will regret it if you don’t, perhaps not now, but eventually you will. Injuries and aging are a part of life that we all know, and accept as inevitable.  If you are a certain age, or have a recurring physical injury, then purchase an ebike rather than a conventional bicycle. Make it easier on yourself to get out and about when age tires you or injury or infirmity limits you.

Unless you can afford both, then buy an ebike. Scenery is so much easier to enjoy when you’re not constantly wiping sweat from your eyes. It is great to arrive at a destination able to do more when you get there, rather than slump down in an exhausted heap able to do little but watch the world go by before it is time to start for home again.

Never let a hilly route put you off a trip again. Glide up the hills almost effortlessly and admit how good it feels to reach the top with energy and vigor to spare. Then, as you hurl down the other side to the valley below, bask in the knowledge, that on the return trip, getting back up the hill will be just as easy again.

So, Why You Should Buy an Ebike?

A normal bike, or an ebike? In today’s world, both are normal bikes, the only difference being one is powered and the other not. Ultimately, it is a personal choice. To me however, the only choice is the ebike, and the ebike market is booming:

            “As an industry, we are really well-positioned, and hopefully, people will realize that e-bikes are a quick alternative. They make the bike market much more accessible for everyone.” Van Leeuwen

          “E-bike growth has continued at historic levels,” said Dirk Sorenson, a sports industry analyst at The NPD Group. Electric bike sales were up 84% in March, 92% in April, and 137% in May, the latest NPD numbers available.” [2020] (Source)

Therefore, have a think about why you want a bicycle, and have a look at the way you will use it to see what the benefit of making that bike an ebike will do for you. Whether it is for touring, commuting, sport or pleasure, an ebike will tick all the boxes.

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