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Can an Electric Bike Pull a Trailer?

An Ebike is a kind of bike that is assisted by an electric motor. This motorized bicycle then helps the rider by assisting them while pedaling, easing the physical strain so the riding can be comfortable and easy.

The demand for ebikes, or electric bicycles has risen as time goes on and technology introduces better motors and battery packs that will take you further. Electric cargo bikes are becoming common in city streets, and now also are ebikes pulling trailers. So, the answer is yes, to the question, can an electric bike pull a trailer?

How Do You Hook Up an Ebike Trailer?

The trailer of an ebike has two main methods of attachment, such as the rear wheel axle attachment or the seat post attachment. To attach to the axle of the electric bike, the user needs to hook it up to the coupler, which is a part supplied with the trailer and fits to the axle and secured by the wheel nut or quick release lever. The next step is to extend the arm of the bike trailer and attach the arm to the coupler. The whole process of attaching the ebike trailer can be done in seconds.

On the other hand, to attach a trailer to the seat post of an ebike, the user needs to install the seat post receiver below the seat. After that, the trailer can be easily attached. Different trailers, and different manufacturers use slightly different components, but you should have all the parts you need included when you purchase your trailer.

As you can see, fitting the relevant parts, and connecting and disconnecting a trailer is a relatively easy affair, though if you have any doubts about your ability to do so, your local bike shop will give you all the assistance you need, especially if that is where you bought the trailer.

How Much Weight Can an Ebike Tow?

Ebikes are gaining in popularity, and this is an ongoing trend, no doubt due to their ease in use, their green credentials, and also the fact that it is much easier to either carry a load on an ebike, or pull a trailer containing sometimes a heavy load.

How much weight can an ebike tow will depend on a few factors, such as, how powerful the motor is, how much effort the rider wants to contribute to ease the burden on the motor, and the actual weight of cargo in the trailer. Most ebikes can easily tow 200 – 300 pounds of weight with ease, while some ebikes are capable of towing up to around 500 pounds of weight.

The main thing to remember, if you are using an electrically assisted bicycle, is that you will still have to pedal to engage the motor, and if your route entails many hills, then both the rider, and the motor, will feel the strain if the load is heavy. The battery also will deplete quicker so the ultimate range may be considerably shortened.

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Take your dog on the road with you.

What Types of Ebike Trailer Are There?

There is a wide variety of ebike trailers on the market that cater for a whole host of different uses. If you are a local business that wants to dump the diesel or petrol van and save a great deal of money making deliveries around your locality, then there is almost certainly a trailer available that would suit your purpose. Whether you need an open platform, or cage container, or a secure van type model, with a little research, or enquiries at your local bike shop, you will find something suitable, and if not entirely perfect for your needs, having it adapted to your requirements shouldn’t cost too much, especially if you are saving on the costs of running a van.

Perhaps you are a family man or woman and just want a trailer for the kid, or kids. There are plenty on the market that will enable you to take the kids out and keep them safe and well on the journey. There are also trailers for taking out the cat or dog, covered or uncovered, and also small trailers available for bringing home the supermarket shopping. There is indeed an ebike trailer out there for almost every available purpose or requirement.

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There are many different types of ebike trailer available.

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Will A Trailer Affect My Ebike Handling?

If you are used to riding an ebike, you will know how the bike handles and you will know how good the brakes are, and what kind of speeds are safe to go in a range of different weather conditions and over different types of terrain.

Having a trailer on tow will impact the way you move and control the ebike. It would be wise to practice using the trailer on some quiet roads with and without a payload just to see how you may have to adapt your riding and gearing to ensure you keep both yourself and your cargo safe.

Once you get used to the trailer, and, e.g., the extra drag on uphill stretches, you will learn to adapt, and use the combination of motor assist and the gears, in a way that enhances the movement of both ebike and trailer with a greater efficiency.


We answered the main question, can an electric bike pull a trailer? in the affirmative. We also looked into a few methods of how to hook up a trailer, and how easy it was to attach the trailer to the ebike. We also looked at the towing weights and the range of trailers out there in the market for virtually any purpose you would need a trailer for. Ending the article with a little knowledge and advice on how a trailer may affect the rider’s ebike handling. If you are interested in purchasing a trailer for your ebike, then we hope this article enhanced your knowledge and perked your interest to find out more, and perhaps follow up with the purchase of a trailer for your electric bike.

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